Saturday, 18 April 2009

Hi All

Big Ooooooops! Been so busy, forgot I had a blog! Had a lot of stalls over Easter, so been either making or selling jewellery! Plus lambing, which is now finished for another year. We have some nice lambs which is wonderful, and some not as well marked (which is good for the freezer)!
I actually have a week at home next week, no stalls at all, so am going to do loads of gardening - cue stormy weather! Have put the potatoes and onions in, need to turn attention to rest of veg and digging over the plots. I will take a few piccies next week and put them up.
Oh and how could I forget, I now have my very own studio and I've bought another (bigger)! kiln. Our house has 3 floors and I have the top deck as my studio. It's a proper room, not just a loft and has the original beams from the barn in the ceiling. It looks out over the veg garden too. I'm so pleased with it.
Bye for now. Jxxxxxxxxx