Sunday, 15 March 2009

A Spring Blog

Spring is definately in the air! The top picture has a frog in it, sitting on a massive lump of frogspawn!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Godfrey Our Tup

Mick asked if I would like a picture of Godfrey, our Tup for my blog. Soooooooooo here he is in all his glory! Jxxx

First Lambs!

Hi, we finally have our first lambs! Strong, healthy gimmers (girls). A bit pale on the legs for Dalesbreds, but non the less very nice.
They are exploring ther new surroundings as I write this. Now one down, 27 to go! Jx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sheepy Update

Good news re 'poorly sheep'. The old girl is back on her feet tottering around. This is her, just having a little wander around the yard! We're going to keep her in the barn till she lambs, so she should be ok. The hens aren't too thrilled though, as she can now get to their feed and sheep LOVE hen pellets! Still nice to see the old girl up. This is her last lambing year. She'll go in the teenage girls field as a gardian granny sheep next year. The grannies look after the young girls whilst the older ewes are being tupped.
Will put some lamb piccies up when we get some. Any day now............................

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Recently made jewellery

Hi again. Well now I've got started I can't stop!

Here are some piccies of some of the things I've made so far this week.

Little Silver Cat Charm

Silver Heart Set with Cubic Zircona

Dichroic Glass Pendants

I have just bought a little kiln and am using this to fuse my glass. As I can only fit about 3 medium sized pieces in, it seems to be going non-stop. A complete firing circle is taking 7 - 8 hours.
Must admit I'm now hooked on glass fusing.

To change subject completely, we have a poorly sheep in the barn at the moment. She is heavily pregnant with twin lambs, but her legs have just given way completely. Mick and I had to half lift, half drag her into the barn to put her in a nice bed of clean straw. I hope she is just exhausted and will come round. But I have a feeling, she may not pull through. This is the not nice side of farming. It's very distressing to see an animal down like that. I'm hoping we don't have to call the vet to have her put down, It would be awful to lose the lambs as well.
Fingers crossed............................

Hi Folks

Hi all

Ummmmmmmm, not really used to this, so might take me a wee while to get the hang of it all.Thought I'd start off with some pretty piccies of where I live. (Yes the camera does lie a bit, all the muddy messy bits have been left out of shot)!

The Barn

A couple of our teenage girls!