Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sheepy Update

Good news re 'poorly sheep'. The old girl is back on her feet tottering around. This is her, just having a little wander around the yard! We're going to keep her in the barn till she lambs, so she should be ok. The hens aren't too thrilled though, as she can now get to their feed and sheep LOVE hen pellets! Still nice to see the old girl up. This is her last lambing year. She'll go in the teenage girls field as a gardian granny sheep next year. The grannies look after the young girls whilst the older ewes are being tupped.
Will put some lamb piccies up when we get some. Any day now............................


  1. aww look at her, glad she is better. Bet she thinks she is having a holiday in the barn.
    When do the ewes get tupped? Is it autumn? Do you have a special MALE?

  2. Forgot to ask do you keep all the girls but not the boys?

  3. Hi Zoe
    No we keep them all for quite a while. If the girls are well marked, then we keep them for our breeding. The not so well marked girls go for cross breeding to other farmers. We keep most of our boys, if exceptional, they will go in the breed sales, otherwise, I take them to slaughter between 12 - 15 months. And yes, it is quite hard doing that, but that's farming! Oh sorry, just re read. Yes we do have a special tup. Well bred, well marked etc and generally we use him for about 3 years and then we have to change him, so no interbreeding. Occasionally, we run two tups.Jxx

  4. Aww can we see your TUP?