Friday, 13 March 2009

First Lambs!

Hi, we finally have our first lambs! Strong, healthy gimmers (girls). A bit pale on the legs for Dalesbreds, but non the less very nice.
They are exploring ther new surroundings as I write this. Now one down, 27 to go! Jx


  1. Oh Jane they are cute. Have they got names yet

  2. er not really, Mick has sprayed them both with a number 1!! Would you like to name them? They won't be eaten, so they can have a name!!!!!!!!! Jxx

  3. Aww look at those cute babies! LOL...I would be hopeless at rearing animals on a farm...wouldn't be able to eat any of them! My Husband & I watched 'The Victorian Farm' on BBC recently & fell in love with those piggies...almost cried when it was time to send them to slaughter! :)

  4. They are adorable but I would be hopeless on a Farm especially around Livestock as I worry too much and would get way too attached to the animals. They are beautiful to see though when someone else is doing all the hard work!