Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Hello Folks!

Still really busy, planting garden with this years fruit and veg, sorting sheep, fitting out a studio/workshop for me, more silver courses and of course making and selling jewellery!

Have just started working with bronze, it's fab stuff. Like silver clay, it comes in clay form and is fired in the kiln. Quite a messy process as needs burying in charcoal/carbon and has about a 9 hour firing schedule. Have put up a couple of piccies, so you can have a look!

Oh the baby rabbit is one we found the cats playing with! We rescued it unharmed and popped it back in a nearby field.

Bye for now. Jxxxxxxxx

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  1. I adore the dragonfly so much detail , amazing work..i have awarded your blog the "honest scrap" award , to view the award and read more about it please visit my blog